Lansing Linde battery operated ride on pedestrian truck, model TOER 4.2XLW, serial number 83035429. WE purchased it in March 2014 from Atlas Electronics in Newport. Its a very useful little vehicle and great fun to ride around in. Its not an actual British Rail vehicle  but will be painted as a Platform electric trolley would have been in 1970. 540x360 444   3333       20140907_134317 20140907_134435 20140907_134653 10258677_10152448396110185_6068707217185868552_o Zulu 10258441_10152448395830185_7764179280578558209_o10256667_10152448395720185_8748285180849396955_o   10317660_10152448395540185_8072065453064743968_o 10333336_10152448396320185_1722438754535842327_o