Project 22 (The Project Class 22 Society)

Project 22

6352 Gloucester horton road 28-05-1969. Derek Jones

“Established in March 2014 Project 22 is a volunteer group dedicated to building a full size working Replica Locomotive. A Pioneering Group, conceived through a Facebook Group page has sprung into the Railway domain as the first Railway Company that became public at an embryonic stage. The group has attracted Key Volunteers specialising in, Design Engineering, Project Management, Marketing, Publicity, Legal Competence and a loyal enthusiast membership and following.  

“The locomotive, 1958 North British Diesel Hydraulic Class 22, which was part of the 1957 British Governments Modernisation Plan where Steam Locomotives would be replaced by Diesel and Electric Traction.  No Class 22 survived after Dr Breechings radical cut backs. After a number of years working the West Country and Cornwall Branches lines, working stock trains from the Capital to local West London depots out of Paddington. The class where finally cut up at the Great Western Works at Swindon in 1972”