The cab ends of 86247 were rebuilt externally to European standards, with the three running lights set out in a triangular arrangement featuring the upper light above the windows, to demonstrate to FLOYD a possible option for the cab front end layout. Europhoenix were preparing Class 86s for use with FLOYD in Hungary at the time. The option was not pursued however as FLOYD decided to have the high level headlight positioned centrally under the cab windows.

During the cab end modifications it was decided to repaint the whole locomotive into Europhoenix livery as part of an exercise to make it more presentable. 86247 had been in very shabby VT red/black livery prior to this.

86247 in this guise, has never been operational. It was purely a static demonstrator locomotive and was eventually sold off to Freightliner for spares. The transformer from 86247 was used to repair 86501 after the latter had suffered a transformer fire some time ago and the wheelsets from 86247 are said to be destined to go to 86501 as well as part of the re-gearing project to put 86501 back to standard configuration. WNXX