45140 Mercury


In Service 45140 with the last 1M51 09.01 Manchester Piccadilly to St Pancras at Derby on 4th October 1975 (Richard Clayton: Railway Herald web site) Inside Cab45140 2013 Progress20140620_145728


45140 Mercury

Peaks have always been close to my hart and I am the proud owner of two Peak cabs. As a kid I grew up with Peaks. They were regular runners through Llantrisant in the late 1970s mainly Class 45/0s and Class 46. It was always a treat when we went to London to go to St Pancreas and see the 45/1 and trips to Derby, Toton and Birmingham for a good helping of Peak.Our journey out of Cardiff on the 1E32 7.40 to Newcastle was a Peak all the way.

45140 MC Metals 10/09/92

45140 MC Metals 10/09/92

when I was looking for a cab at MC metals 45140 was one I considered but I finally ended up with 128. Luckily Mel Thorley was also collecting cabs at this time and purchased 140 and plonked it in the garden where it stayed for many years. When he finally retired as a train driver the time came for him to part with his collection. Many years of sitting in the open had paid toll on 140, it had sunk in the mud and we feared there would be no bottom left when lifted and it would fall apart. Surprisingly it was structurally very sound at ground level.


45140 in Mel’s Garden




45140 was plucked out of Mel’s garden and joined the collection. On close inspection the compressor in the nose was in good condition and was recovered and has been fitted to 45149.




45140 in the storage yard in Bridgend