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21st July 2016

The Cab Yard expands and moves to a larger site.



20th July 2016

Plasser Donate RM 74 second cab



15th July 2016

Neptune 50002 is Donated by NRM




June 2016

Plasser RM74




1st May 2016

207013 (1313 Ajax) is secured and arrives at the The Cab Yard

13100720_591596971017019_6373909159922171840_n 13082509_10154060032720185_7532352499061116620_n 13103278_10154060032440185_6638114246415497581_n 13103548_10154060032965185_947714324874407883_n 13131020_10154060033325185_6077081053177970326_o


1st December 2015

86247 joins the group. Withdrawn by Frieghtliner Ltd and cut up at Crewe Basford Hall. Both Cabs have been saved





Yard move and re arrangement.

We have been making room to work and to build the covered workshop. Many of the cabs were moved around. The gallery show the current set up


October 2015

It’s been a while since the last update as the summer has been quite on the cab front. I tried to get a class 37 cab from Booths in the summer but DRS would not allow any major parts to be resold. Other than that, nothing has come my way. I have offered assistance to purchase the Class 76 in the Manchester Industrial museum if it becomes available.  I have also made a pitch for the Class 47 in the training centre at Plymouth Railways Station. Alas. No luck here again.

We have a move of cabs planned for November to provide an indoor workshop area. This is where Project 22s NBL MAN engine.


March 2015

31144 second cab and 3314 arrive at the yard.


February 2015

The first for 2015 cab from 1972 MK1 Underground Stock 3314 Purchased awaiting delivery to Bridgend

3314 Newport



October 2014

The second cab from 31144 has been purchased from RMS Locotec. Its currently stored is Walsingham awaiting some additional cutting. The plan is to remove the lower buffer beam in line with the bottom of the door step so it sits lower to the ground.

Photos: David Alderson and Andrew Hodgson.



August 2014

We have just taken ownership of 707 Tunnel Cleaning Unit Underground cabTCC5, ex-1938 Stock DMC 10087. It was kindly donated by Trans-Plant the engineering train division of LU.


April 2014

50037 Illustrious arrives in Bridgend

50037 arrives in Bridgend 12 April 2014

December 2013

31144 cab Arrives from Wolsingham


November 2013

At last a long term secure site has been agreed on the cabs will now share a compound with Ward Jones a local business man who owns the container yard we have been using for storage. We have agreed the share a yard that has room for around 15 cabs at present and a container for storage. The site has a workshop and access to lifting equipment. We also have access to steam cleaners, 3 phase electric, compressors, cutting gear and or own little fort truck.

The cabs were moved into the yard on 17th November and positioned ready for renovation.

Move to new yard