55021 Progress

October 2015

The nose end has also been cleared of unnecessary pipes and cables and jet washed to get rid of some of the years of grime built up. It’s also been needle gunned and wire brushed in readiness for painting and fitting of a timber floor.

Over the coming weeks we will see the scaffold coming down and the rest of the paint needled off and the lower steel panelling being removed. We can then assess the level of rust in the frames and how much will have to be replaced before re skinning.

Then we have the side windows to re build. We found a contractor who can form laid acrylic to form the curves. We are also considering making our own oven so we can produce other parts as well. It will depend of the costs.

We have also decided to remove the electrical cubical to provide access to the cab from the rear. We will retain the existing engine room doors and fit new double doors gladded with moulded electrical cubical covers to retain the visual image.

Well, 021 is coming along at a steady pace it’s going to be another 2 years until she is finished.














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The nose area has now been steam washed inside. The grills have been steam washed at 170c to remove the blur paint ready for under coating. Work has also started on the stripping the cab ready to replace the floor and removal of the side widows and frames.

There has been water ingress through the side windows over the years which is the main reason for the body side panels rusting away. As a result the drivers side window and frame has been removed and the rusted steel now visible has been treated with rust inhibitor. The frames will be repaired and new seals fitted.

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Update November 2014

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October 2014

More taking off paint with the needle gun and further coats of primer applied.


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September 2014

Started work on the drivers windows and door. Needle gun used to get back to steel. There is going to be quite  a bit of body filler needed to tidy up under the water gutters. The nose hatch doors have been removed for painting in the workshop and the roof has received another cot and rub down ready for a top coat next week. This work is protective renovation cosmetic work will start next year.

Gareth on the gun 20140921_135141 20140921_135150 20140921_135202 20140921_135233 20140921_135242 20140921_135303

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August 2014

Rubbed down ready for second coat. The dent needs to be filled and all of the rubber seals on the roof joints replaced with industrial roofing sealer. All of the Luvres need sealing and painting.

55021 Roof Painting

The window principle is to cut the Acrylic and fit using a lot of clear silicone then reseal with black silicone which will look exactly like a window seal. Its a long term waterproof application.

Glazzing settled

55021 Glazed

55021 Roof painting

After priming the Acrylic glass is fitted.

Windows primmed


The shape and profiles are now easily seen. They are now ready to be built back up with filler and primer.

55021 Back to the steel with the needle gun

55021 Back to the steel

Showing the definition of the steel work

With the original windows removed and the covers off the cab shows where putty had been applied some years ago around the frames. This has been very effective at keeping water out of the cab. Its all been removed and the window area taken back to steel with the needle gun.

55021 Windows removed

55021 Removing the putty

Windows removed


First coat applied two more rub downs and two more coats.

50021 first cost of primer

The roof being sanded ready for a primer coat and top coat to seal for the winter.

55021 roof

Sanding to roof

Removing the luvre to apply a thick coat of bitumen to the inner section this will never be opened again so it has to be completely sealed.

55021 taring the vents

Applying tar to the iner vents before sealing


With the scaffolding in place a perfect working platform is created. And we get very good access to the roof, ventilation grills and window areas.



Feb 2014 Showing the roof sections and windows now being prepared to put the scaffolding up and work on the top section

55021 55021 Origional Windows 55021 Roof showing the bracket for the horn 55021 55021 Roof view