45128 Centaur


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45128 The start of the cab collection

I started collecting cabs in 1994 after a visit to Vic Berry’s Yard where I seen the great stack of loco’s and cabs. I was driving home and the idea hit me I wanted a Class 40 or Class 25 cab. By the time I worked out how I could make this happen Vic’s had the fire and when I made enquiries there were no cabs left. So I set my sights on an AC electric cab at Crewe. I wanted to put it in my garden in Pontypridd. I got planning consent and was ready to go. Unfortunately MC metals couldn’t sell me one due to asbestos. The kid in me couldn’t wait I had to have a cab so I spent a full day in MC metals looking for a cab. There were 13 Peaks there so I went through all of them to find the most complete.


It turned out to be 45128 which wasn’t a surprise as she almost become reinstated and would have been saved at Tinsley but was withdrawn due to some expensive mechanical failure. 128 ended up back in Tinsley Yard scrap line. I was lucky to be able to choose my Peak cab and spend the day recovering parts from the other cabs.

45128 at MC Metals 1995 2

45128 MC Metals 1995

It was very difficult purchasing this cab and keeping it. We had moved to Bridgend now and there was no room in the garden, we had just had our first child and the second on the way and we were skint. The cost of the cab was £400 for the cab and flame cut names and number, £350 to move from Glasgow to Newport and £150 to move from Newport to Llantrisant.  Total cost of £900 was my wife’s savings for a new 3 peace. (I married well) The cab went to my sister’s farm in Llantrisant where it stayed for 2 years. Unfortunately it couldn’t stay there they made a compound for ducks around it. So it needed a new safe home.


On the farm with the ducks

I had joined the Bridgend Valleys Railway in search of a home for 128. This worked out well for me as the lads from the Traction Group were basically a bunch of train spotters like me and we all worked together on the cab.  The cab did move to Port Talbot RE Plant Hire were the restoration was completed. It was then moved to Margam Park for the model Railway show then onto Park slip to Bridgend Model Engineering Societies car park where it sat for 12 months. During this time my personal circumstances were not good and there was no time for 128. So I decided it was time to sell her

45128 looking well at the South Wales Model Show Margam 1996

I put an advert in Rail and offered her for £1200 collected. I got one call form Tom Cunningham of the Cotswold Diesel Group. They desperately needed the cab as it was complete (other than power handle) but they didn’t have the funds. So we agreed there and then a swop for £1200 of 45149 shares and it was theirs. It was delivered to Toddington with the flame cut names. The agreement was that it would be stripped for usable parts for 149 then restored cosmetically and put on display in the car park but it could never be scrapped. I used to go to Toddington to work on DES the shunter with Paul and Bill Jones and always looked in on 128. She was getting less and less every time I went there, but 45149 was getting more and more.

45128 at Toddington 1997

45128 Todington

During a short stop off at Toddington in 2011, I heard 45128 was going to be sold or scrapped!! A quick Email to the C149 chaps put my mind to rest it would not be scrapped but kept for further use. Unfortunately the powers that be had decided that it had to go as was a basic rusty shell. A tentative agreement was made that I would take it back at some time?

In December 2012 a picture appeared on WNXX stating that if the cab was not removed by 31/12/2012 it would be scrapped, it was sitting in the car park. As a result of this I sent a lorry in within day and collected her and dropped her of in a container yard where I was storing 47767 and 47973 cabs.


WNXX Toddington Car Park

45128 arrived at SWLCPG

45128 Dumped over the fence in Bridgend in a bit of a rush..


This was the start of the South Wales Loco Cab Preservation Group. Having a cab was having a cab, having two was cool having a 3 was a collection, when you become a collector you don’t know when to stop!!

45128 is now a part of the collection and will be re built and is in the queue for restoration with 45140.